What Are Some Other Names People Use for a Grandma?


Other names people use for a grandma include "Grammy," "Nana," "Oma," "Abuela" and "MomMom." Depending on the family, the grandchild, the parents or the grandmother may choose what she is called.

One common method of choosing the name for a grandmother is using the family's ethnic heritage. "Oma" is an informal German name for a grandmother. The formal term is "Grossmutter," although the formal term varies based on the dialect. "Omi" is an alternative to "Oma."

"Abuela" is the formal Spanish name for a grandmother. A common informal version of the name is "Abuelita." Other variations include "Ita" or "Ela."

"Grammy" is a casual variation of grandma. It is easier to pronounce, so children should have less difficulty saying it. "Nana" and "MomMom" are also easier to pronounce than grandma, as two identical syllables are easy for young children to say and remember. "MawMaw" is a variation of "MomMom" that is particularly popular in the Southern region of the United States.

The grandparent's name can be used to determine what her grandchild calls her. For example, if her name starts with the letters "la," she may choose the name "Lala." If both grandparents use similar-sounding names, such as "Grammy" and "Grampy," it can help the grandchild remember them more easily.