What Are Some Other Foods to Serve With Caviar?

Some other foods to serve with caviar include blini, latkes, creme fraiche and mini wafer crackers. Small pieces of toast are the most common pairing, sometimes embellished with a bit of butter. Caviar may also benefit from being paired with a beverage. Deeply chilled vodka, sparkling wine, and dry champagne or white wine are popular pairings. Some may enjoy unique flavor profiles by pairing certain beers, such as porters, hefeweizens and amber ales, depending on the type of roe.

Generally, caviar should be unencumbered with sides, which allows an individual to focus on the salty oceanic flavors provided. Some components that mesh well with the taste of caviar are minced onion, egg and lemon slices. When scooping caviar into place, use spoons or knives made from a material other than metal, which might add a metallic tang to the fresh taste. Pearl, mother-of-pearl and bone are common materials for traditional caviar spoons.

Caviar should be stored in a sealed container and not opened until needed, to maintain the freshness as long as possible. Freezing to increase the duration of the food's quality can irreparably alter the flavors. It is necessary to consume refrigerated food and any leftovers within two to three days.