What Organizations Offer Printable Donation Receipts?

Organizations that offer printable donation receipts include Free Church Forms, Tidy Form and Printable Cash Receipts. Free Church Forms offers two types of printable donation receipts in PDF format. Tidy Form features three donation receipt templates, as of 2015.

Printable Cash Receipts offers multiple printable donation receipts including a full page donation receipt template. The site also features printable auction donation receipts, non-cash donation receipts and library donation receipts. Auction donor receipts contain sections for the date, event, donor name, receipt number and signature.

Free Church Forms recommends that every donation receipt contains the donor's name, donor's address, donor's phone number, donation value and donation description. Other information that organizations should write on the donation receipt include donation type, recipient's name and recipient's information. Recipients of donations should always issue donation receipts as donations are potentially tax deductible for the donor. Other printable donation resources offered by Free Church Forms include donation thank-you letters, donation thank-you cards and donation tracking forms.

Printable Cash Receipts designs its non-cash donation receipts for donations of physical items. These sheets contain a section for the estimated value of the item. Another section outlines how the recipient plans to use the donated item. The sheet also contains a section that lists the donor's tax identification number for tax deduction purposes.