What Are Some Options for Bulk Flour Storage?

Some options for bulk flour storage include professional-style flour buckets, other airtight, food-grade storage containers, or large, heavy-duty resealable plastic bags designed for food storage. Large flour bins with wheels make it easy to move large quantities of flour from room to room or to push them under shelves. Before long-term storage, flour needs to be placed in a freezer for a minimum of 48 hours to kill insect eggs.

Food-grade plastic and glass containers are ideal for the long-term storage of flour because they do not transfer odors or odd tastes to the flour. After buying a large bulk portion of flour, it is important to repackage it into smaller containers that fit in the freezer. This can be done a little at a time over the period of a few weeks to make sure all the flour is frozen for the 48-hour period before storage.

After freezing, the flour goes into a larger bulk bin with an airtight seal. Placing the bin in a cool, dry place gives the flour a shelf life of about six months. Labeling each bin of flour with the date of purchase ensures that the oldest is used first. Each new purchase goes in its own bin to avoid mixing old and new flour together.