What Online Services Does Equiant Consumer Center Offer?

Among many the services that Equiant offers, its online services include automatic payment processing, money transfers between bank accounts and access to its customer service and collection policies, as its official website reports. The company also offers safe digital and physical document storage.

Founded in 1986 as Portfolio Services Inc., Equiant is a company dedicated to servicing mortgages on timeshare properties. Purchased by FINOVA Capital Corp. in 1992, it was bought again by a subsidiary of Schottenstein Stores Corp. called EMCC in 2004 when FINOVA declared bankruptcy. The company works with Merrill Lynch to service asset-backed loans with collateral such as RVs, ski boats and properties, such as campgrounds that rent camping space, according to Standard and Poor's.

Most of the Equiant Consumer Center's online activity revolves around money transfers and collections as well as issuing electronic payment coupons, as Website Informer relates In addition to payment processing and collection, Equiant provides accounting services to its clients as well as foreclosure administration.

Equiant claims to strive for transparency by providing various options for obtaining reports regarding any of its services rendered, as the company website explains. Customers can use its online service center to generate electronic reports.

During its first 30 years of existence, Equiant has maintained a score of "average," according to Standard and Poor's Ratings Services.