What Are Some Online Elmo Games for Kids?

Online games for kids featuring Elmo from "Sesame Street" include "Detective Elmo: The Cookie Case," "Elmo's First Day of School," "Elmo Goes to the Doctor," "Elmo's Special Cupcakes" and "Elmo's World Books." All of these games are available on the PBS Kids website, as of 2015.

In "Detective Elmo: The Cookie Case," players guide Elmo on an adventure through a museum to help track down a thief. Elmo must avoid chickens with flashlights to sneak through and capture the cookie thief red-handed. "Elmo's First Day of School" lets players click on objects to explore Elmo's world and advance the story. "Elmo Goes to the Doctor" offers a similar point-and-click adventure for kids.

In "Elmo's Special Cupcakes," players click their way through a story that involves Elmo spending time making cupcakes with his mother and staying with a babysitter for a short time while his mother leaves to perform errands. "Elmo's World: Books" offers children a chance to participate in the "Elmo's World" television series with an interactive point-and-click adventure that has them select books to learn more about travel in the sky, under the sea or in space. Each choice leads to a different subplot and offers multiple progression options for young children.