What Are Some One-Year Degree Courses?


One-year degree courses are uncommon, but one-year technical courses, such as programs dealing with hospitality and office work, are common at community colleges and technical colleges. Some schools offer one-year master's degree programs as well, but these require students to already have a bachelor's degree.

Unlike traditional college degrees, technical courses generally focus solely on a set of skills students needed to enter a particular field of work. As a result, these programs cut out the general education requirements of Associate and bachelor's degrees.

A number of fields require employees to have appropriate training and to pass an appropriate test. Welders, for example, typically need to show a certain amount of coursework in addition to passing a test. A number of organizations, including community colleges and other schools, offer programs to train future welders, and these courses often take one year. Technical colleges focus on courses that teach students these types of skills.

Students who have already earned a bachelor's degree might be able to find master's degree programs that take a year. The University of California at Berkeley, for example, offers several master's courses for computer science and electrical engineering majors. Some universities also offer accelerated programs where students can earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in five years.

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