How Does One Crochet an Afghan?


There are many free patterns available on the Internet for crocheting an afghan, but if one wants to quickly crochet a thick one, they will need at least three skeins of yarn, a Q-size hook and tapestry needles. The pattern uses a 50 chain.

The first row consists of a half double crochet into the second chain from the hook and then in each chain across, and then with a chain two and turn. This should equal 48 half double crochets. The subsequent rows follow this pattern where there should be 48 half double crochets for each row. This pattern can be repeated as many times as one likes, but it should be noted that this pattern uses a very large amount of yarn, because it results in a very thick afghan. One can also experiment with colors and length. To finish the afghan, one just needs to tie off and weave in the ends. Because the afghan in this pattern will be very thick and warm, it makes for a perfect pattern for a winter setting. There are also many other patterns for afghans available online, although some have very complicated patterns and shapes.