Who Offers Free CPR Classes?


The American Red Cross offers free courses in CPR under certain circumstances. There are also local and online options for taking free CPR classes for both adults and children.

In some geographical areas, the class and certification are offered for free. Hospitals, churches and learning annexes sometimes offer the course for free. The course is also offered online for free. First Aid Web offers several first aid courses including CPR at no cost. However, certification is not included as part of the course.

CPR is an important skill to have, especially for those who work with children or the public. If a person stops breathing, serious or even fatal injuries can occur in a matter of minutes. Although people were hesitant to learn mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in the past, the new hands-only approach has prompted more people to take the course that teaches how to save the life of a person who has stopped breathing.

There are several forms of CPR a person must learn to be completely prepared in the event the procedure is needed. CPR for an adult is performed differently than for an infant or child. The American Red Cross offers free CPR refresher and recertification courses for both infants and adults. A student must have a current CPR certification, otherwise he has to retake the entire course and retake the certification test. The initial course requires a fee.

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