Are There Non-Toxic Products That Clean Hardwood Floors?


Vinegar, lemon juice, black tea and even mild dish detergent are all non-toxic products useful for cleaning floors. Vinegar or dish detergent are the most ideal products for cleaning hardwood.

Many people are choosing milder, nontoxic cleansers for their household these days. Luckily for many, the products needed to keep a hardwood floor clean are found in the average kitchen. There are a few types of hardwood flooring found in households, from laminate floors to sealed hardwood. Different products work best for each of these floors.

Clean laminate or nonsealed hardwood floors with a quarter cup of white vinegar in a 2-gallon bucket of water. The key is to avoid getting the floor, especially laminate, very wet. Water can seep in between the laminated layers and cause them to warp or come apart. Dip the mop into the bucket and squeeze most of the water out of it before mopping the floor. Afterward, use a clean cloth to dry the floor completely.

Manufacturer's recommend using a mild dish detergent on sealed hardwood flooring. Add a quarter of a cup of the dish detergent to a 2-gallon bucket of water. Mop the floor with a lightly damp mop and don't rinse afterwards. In time soap residue may build up on the hardwood floor.

A final option is fill up a spray bottle with brewed black tea. Spritz the floor with the tea and follow up with a damp, clean mop.

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