How Do You Find New Condos for Sale on Long Island?

Trulia and Redfin feature for-sale listings and can help you find new condos for sale on Long Island, New York. Map features on both sites let you focus on a neighborhood of interest, and a host of filters help narrow your search to properties that fit your search criteria.

Search for a condo in Long Island on Redfin by address, agent or ZIP code, and select the filters tab to sort property listings. In the Include category, select New Construction, and choose condo features such as the price range, total bathrooms, number of bedrooms, square footage and available parking. Check the status of listings and age of listings on Redfin, or select open houses so you can schedule a property visit. View a virtual tour of a property of interest on the site, and compare the price per square foot of similar properties in the area.

On Trulia, use the For Sale tab to select New Construction, and filter condo listings by lot size, price range, total bedrooms and square footage. You can also find condos by multiple listings service number, and set other search criteria such as the maximum commute time, school districts in the locality and preferred neighborhoods. Explore the map of Long Island on Trulia to focus on a specific locality, and find an agent to facilitate the purchase process. Compare condo prices in Long Island, New York, and check the real estate trends in the area to understand the aspects shaping the market.