What Needs to Be Inspected When Buying a Used Long-Arm Quilting Machine?

When buying a used long-arm quilting machine, inspect the strength of the frame, listen to the sound the machine makes while running and check the appearance of the stitches. Inspect the electrical components of the machine and how well the machine has been maintained. Beware of models that have exceptionally low prices and that are readily available in the used market.

Before buying a used long-arm quilting machine, check whether the rollers are one-piece or whether they have a joint that can bend under the weight of quilts. Inspect any signs of excessive wear and rust, and check whether the machine is clean and well-oiled. If the maintenance of the machine is complicated, the previous owner may have neglected servicing it. Check whether the motor runs smoothly or labors as it stitches. Ensure the stitches are consistent along the entire quilting line.

Check whether the machine is easy to adjust, thread and operate. Ensure the machine does not fishtail or wobble as it glides over the table. Measure the throat and table size of the machine to ensure it accommodates large quilt designs. Ask whether the manufacturing company offers direct support for second-hand owners. Visit the website and social media pages of the manufacturing company to learn more about the machine of interest.