When Do You Need to Call a Plumber?


Homeowners need to call a plumber when low water pressure affects the entire home, nobody can use hot water, the sewer line stops draining properly or a pipe freezes. Large-scale water line damage due to freezing or other causes is also a plumbing emergency requiring professional repair.

Rust or debris sometimes begins to accumulate at the meter and continues to build up into the faucet aerators, leading to widespread low water pressure in a house. Incorrect supply-line design and low water pressure originating in a well or the city supply are also possible causes. These problems require the knowledge and experience of a qualified plumber.

When hot water isn't available, it may be time-consuming for homeowners to identify the root cause of the problem. Electric tanks sometimes fail to produce hot water due to a defective heating element or a tripped circuit breaker, whereas gas heaters start to malfunction when thermocouple burners or igniters break down. Professional plumbers advise homeowners whether they need a replacement or repair is possible. They help bring a new heater, if needed, and install it properly.

In some cases, tree roots cause a bad plug in the sewer line connected to the primary sewer, leading to sewer line stoppage. Plumbers carefully perform repairs to avoid damaging the sewer. The service of a plumber is also essential if homeowners discover burst or cracked pipes.

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