What Are Some Multiplication Games for Kids?

Rollin' with the Facts, Factors: A Math Card Game and Math Facts Dice Game are examples of multiplication games for kids. Online multiplication games include "Carl's Cookie Capers" and "The Knight and Princess," as of 2015.

Rollin' with the Facts is a two- to four-player dice game in which kids learn multiplication facts and create and solve math problems to win the game. The game requires number cards and two pairs of different colored dice. Factors: A Math Card Game is a third grade multiplication game that teaches kids the concept of factoring. It is a two-player game that requires paper, a marker and a box of crayons. In the Math Facts Dice Game, kids use math skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills to win. Necessary supplies include four standard-sized dice, paper, pencils and a calculator for each player.

"Carl's Cookie Capers" is an online video game that meets Common Core State Standards for third grade multiplication and division. The game teaches kids to multiply fluently up to 100, and to use learning strategies that include understanding the relationship between multiplication and division and the properties of operations. "The Knight and Princess" is a video game in which kids attempt to rescue the princess by using third and fourth grade multiplication.