Where Does Your Money Go When You Sponsor a Child?


Depending on the organization, money given to sponsor a child in a developing country provides resources such as clean water, education, school supplies, medicine, protection from child trafficking, bed nets, housing, clothing and job training for older children or parents. Usually, the majority of the money donated goes directly to the child's local community, while a small portion is used for the organization's administrative purposes.

Most child sponsorship organizations, like World Vision, work to not only provide children with resources like clean water and healthy food, but also to provide local staff to teach children about proper nutrition and hygiene. In addition to basic medicine, children may also receive medical check-ups and access to special procedures like surgeries or extended treatments. Money given to sponsor a child ultimately helps children and families become self-sufficient. Money is rarely given directly to the child, but instead is invested into community systems like education and agriculture to provide an overall healthier environment for child development. Some money is also used for disaster relief when needed.

A small portion of money given to sponsor a child is used to arrange communication between the child and sponsor. Additional services, particularly through religious organizations, might include mentoring and teaching religious values to children.

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