What Are Some Mods for "Minecraft" for PS3?

Because the PS3 is a closed platform, there are no mods for its version of "Minecraft." However, there are numerous cheats and tips players can use when playing the game. Also, players can unlock trophies by completing certain tasks.

To create a snowman that moves, simply place two snow cubes on top of each other, and then place a pumpkin on top of them. To get free coal, place a wood block into the smelting tile to create charcoal, which has the same effectiveness as coal. If you do not want to fall off the edge of a cliff, remain in the crouch position to stick to the edge.

Some trophies players can earn are "Cow Tipper" for harvesting leather, "DIAMONDS!" for finding diamonds with iron tools and "Time to Mine" by creating a pickaxe with sticks and planks.