What Is Microsoft InfoPath Used For?

Microsoft InfoPath allows users to create various electronic forms, including surveys, expense reports and time cards, to work in tandem with an existing business database or as a standalone solution. Companies also use it to improve the interface of their websites and automate the process of collecting and sharing information.

Users can design and fill out electronic forms through a standard or custom set of controls. Standard controls include list and text boxes, while custom controls let users modify the form by adding, removing or replacing specific sections. The complexity of electronic forms that users can create through Microsoft InfoPath ranges from simple data-collection forms to complex versions that manage expense reports and tie into the existing data systems. After a user creates an electronic form, he can share with others even if they don?t have access to Microsoft InfoPath, allowing end users to fill out the form by using a Web browser.

Microsoft InfoPath seamlessly integrates with certain Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. This allows users to move data from an electronic form to a Microsoft Excel worksheet or create forms as part of email messages. Although it has decided to support Microsoft InfoPath until 2023, Microsoft has no plans to continue its development as of 2015, making the 2013 edition of Microsoft InfoPath the final version.