What Are Some Materials That Would Help Teach Adults to Read?

Materials that are helpful in teaching adults to read include reading assessments, phonic recognition tests, grammar rules handouts and Dolch word lists. Websites such as Let's Go Learn, The National Center for the Study of Adult Literacy and Hopelink offer resources for instructors.

To teach an adult to read, the instructor should first make an assessment of the student's skill level. The Let's Go Learn website offers an online group of products that tests reading level, phonic recognition and ESL diagnostics. Hopelink offers printable testing materials. These assessments aid the instructor in developing lesson plans and gathering the appropriate tools.

Once the instructor determines the pupil's reading levels, he can create a syllabus of lesson plans. The Hopelink website has a page devoted to teaching adult literacy. The resources available to instructors include reading suggestions, grammar rules handouts and organizing lessons.

Instructors may also use a Dolch word list for reading instruction. This list is made up of the 220 most commonly used words that make up about 75 percent of all reading. By breaking the list into small sections, instructors can teach a section at a time and add new words once the student has shown proficiency.