How Many Watts Does a Solar Panel Produce?

Different solar panels produce a wide range of energy output, ranging from 75 to 350 watts. An average solar panel produces approximately 200 to 250 watts. This being said, many factors can impact solar panel performance, including clouds, season, the time of day and the angle of the sun.

There are different views regarding the average wattage of a solar panel. The average wattage among the top 10 manufacturers is around 200 watts, according to Pure Energies. Prospect Solar, on the other hand, finds the average to be around 250 watts.

For larger-scale solar power usage, solar panels are often grouped together in arrays. The energy potential of the entire array is the product of an individual panel's output rating and the number panels in the array, creating multiple kilowatts of energy potential if dozens of solar panels are placed together.