How Many Calories Are in a Doritos Taco Salad?

A typical Doritos taco salad contains 479 calories, according to the calorie tracking tool on A Doritos taco salad recipe available on contains 476 calories while a recipe contains 399 calories.

As with any food item prepared at home, the calorie count in a Doritos taco salad can be adjusted a great deal depending on the selected ingredients. For example, 1 tablespoon of sour cream, a typical ingredient of a taco salad, has 26 calories. A full serving of a Mexican-style shredded cheese blend contains 110 calories. Omitting or reducing the amount of either ingredient in a taco salad makes this dish much lighter. Choosing a vegetarian protein such as black beans instead of ground beef or chicken also lowers the calorie count. A serving of nacho cheese-flavored Doritos contains 150 calories.