What Are the Manufacturer's Specifications for Goodyear Tires?

Specifications for Goodyear tires include the speed rating, maximum load, maximum inflation, tread depth and revolutions per mile. As of 2015, the Goodyear website lists sizes and specifications for many of the company's most popular tires.

The tire size, load rating and speed rating are printed on the side of the tire. For example, a Goodyear tire with the number and letter sequence "P195/65R15 91H" means the tire is for a passenger vehicle and is 195 millimeters wide from rim to edge. The 65 signifies the aspect ratio of the tire's height versus its width. In this case, 65 indicates the height is 65 percent of the width. R15 means the tire is a radial tire designed to fit a wheel that is 15 inches across.

The 91H indicates the maximum load the tire can withstand when fully inflated, while H is the code that designates the maximum speed of the tire. The capital H denotes the tire's top speed is 130 miles per hour. An M-type tire is safe up to 81 miles per hour, and a Y-type tire is safe up to 186 miles per hour.

The tread depth is shown in 32nds of an inch. If the number says 11, the tread depth is 11/32 inch.

Users can find tire specifications for Goodyear on the company's website by finding the type of tire and then scrolling to the bottom of the page. Consumers then click on View All Sizes & Specs, followed by the tire number.