How Do You Make a Yarn Pom Pom?


To make a yarn pom pom, begin by creating two identical cardboard templates by drawing around a glass and a coin. Cut out the circles, place them together, and wrap yarn around the template at least 100 times by going through the middle. Cut off the yarn end and snip with scissors between the two outer circles, cutting all the way around. Slide a 12-inch piece of yarn between the gently separated template pieces and tie tightly. Pull the yarn off the cardboard, fluff and trim lightly.

Pom poms make great embellishments for knitted baby booties, scarves, hats, even ice skates. To make a pom pom of a specific size, create a template using a piece of flexible cardboard similar to that found in a store-bought shirt. Measure and cut the template five inches in length with a width half the desired size of the finished pom pom. For example, the template width for a two-inch pom pom is one inch. Cut a small vertical slit at the top and bottom of the template.

Pass the end of the yarn ball through one of the vertical slits, then move to the middle to wrap the yarn around the width of the template, 150 times for a standard pom pom or 200 or more times for a larger or thicker one. Complete the wrapping by passing the yarn through the other vertical slit and cutting the yarn. Gently slide the wrapped yarn off the cardboard, keeping the two ends in place. Take the two yarn ends, draw the loops into a tight circle with no hole showing in the center and tie tightly. With all loops facing outward, snip the loops with a scissors, fluff, and trim off any uneven ends. Attach the pom pom by using the two loose ends that remain after knotting the loops.