How Do You Make a Tulle Wreath?


To make a tulle wreath, knot pieces of tulle of equal length onto a foam wreath, bunching the pieces together and using enough tulle to cover the entire ring. Glue on rhinestones and other decorations, if desired.

To begin, gather a 10-inch foam wreath, 50 yards of tulle, a ruler and a pair of scissors. Also find craft glue and any additional decorations. Cut the tulle into 1 1/2-foot pieces, and fold each piece in half so the ends match. Place the tulle around the foam wreath, and tie the ends together so they fit tightly around the ring. The loose tulle ends should be facing outwards. Repeat the process until the entire wreath is covered, sliding the tulle close together so you can no longer see the foam underneath.

Fluff out the tulle, and attach decorations using the craft glue. If desired, tie a ribbon to the top of the wreath, or place a decoration, such as a wooden initial, at the center of the wreath. Use different colors of tulle for different holidays and occasions, such as black tulle for a Halloween wreath, white tulle for a winter wreath or red and green tulle for a Christmas wreath. Hang the wreath on a door protected from the elements.