How Do You Make Silicone Light Bulbs?

According to the crafting and decorating website Primitive Crafting, the items required to make silicone-dipped bulbs are a tube of clear silicone caulk, a caulking gun, a disposable small plastic cup, a Popsicle stick, ground cinnamon, ornament hooks, 4 to 7-watt night light bulbs, disposable gloves and a string or clothesline. Ensure that the caulk is 100 percent silicone.

Cut off the end of the silicone nozzle, and use the wire on the side of the silicone gun to poke a hole through the nozzle. Fill the cup half full of silicone. Work in small batches, as silicone sets quickly. Add the cinnamon a little at a time to the cup until the desired color is reached, and mix it into the silicone with the Popsicle stick until smooth. Put on the gloves, and pick up a bulb by the metal band. Swirl the bulb several times in the silicone to coat the glass, and then dip straight up and down a few times to create a tail at the tip. Attach the ornamental hook to the metal band, and hang the bulb from the string or clothesline. Repeat with each bulb. Primitive Crafting suggests allowing the bulbs to cure for 24 hours before using.