How Do You Make a Pamphlet Using Microsoft Word?


To make a pamphlet in Microsoft Word, use either preloaded or online brochure templates. Microsoft does not offer a pamphlet template, but other templates fulfill the same purpose.

  1. Use a built-in template

    The easiest way to make a brochure in Microsoft Word is to use one of the templates preloaded into Word. When starting Microsoft Word, the Word Document gallery appears and shows preloaded templates in categories. Look for "brochure" and double-click to open. If you do not see "brochure" as a choice, you can search for the brochure category.

  2. Use an online template

    There is a wide selection of Word templates available online. To use an online template, enter a term in the search box at the top of the template display. This takes the user to the Microsoft Word template website and displays available templates for use in Microsoft Word. Search for "brochure" or "pamphlet," and matching selections appear.

  3. Open and customize your template

    Once the user double-clicks on the desired template, it opens like any other Word document. From here the user can personalize the template. Text, layout, color scheme and graphics can be edited.

  4. Print your brochure

    Once the information is entered, the brochure can be printed and folded as necessary.

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