How Do You Make Your Own Song?


In order to make a song, first the mechanics to song writing have to be known and understood. This essentially involves creating a momentum and flow between the verses, the chorus and the lyrics.

Typically, when a song doesn't flow correctly, the listener is more subject to tuning out or disapproval. Having a theme that is elaborated on consistently throughout the song could also render the listener more susceptible to enjoyment. It is important to have a focus and an organized arrangement of melody throughout the song. This can be aided by studying and understand music theory, which teaches the science and structure of music and song writing.

Figuring out where to start can be the most intimidating and hindering part of making a song. There isn't a right or wrong way to start this process. For some, writing the lyrics and having a song title first makes it easier for the rest to fall in place. Another strategy is creating the musical structure of the song, then inserting the lyrics after.

Figuring out a correct sequence in song structure is up to personal preference. It is very important to have an overall plan before writing a song, possibly brainstorming beforehand. If the end product results in a well structured song, with lyrics concentrated on well thought out ideas, the success of the song comes easier and is more appealing to listen to.