How Do I Make Money Online for Free As a Stay-at-Home Mom?


Earning money from home is something any stay-at-home mom can do. Avoiding scams can be tough, but plenty of at-home employment and self-employment options exist.

  1. Open an online storefront

    Opening an online storefront is easy. Sites like eBay, etsy, zazzle and cafepress all allow you to create one or multiple storefronts for free. Create your own products or sell second-hand items. Because you're your own boss with an online storefront, you can work whatever hours fit your schedule.

  2. Do contract work from home

    The Internet is full of work-from-home scams, however, there are several legitimate companies that allow you to work from home for a good wage. Leapforce hires at-home contractors for SEO work and VirtualBee hires data entry specialists. Crowdsourcing sites allow employers to pay for microtasks, surveys, writing and editing.

  3. Sell your excess possessions

    An immediate way to earn some extra at-home income is to look around your house for excess possessions. Clothes, books, musical instruments and sporting equipment can be sold locally or online for a good profit. If you have items you're not using, consider consignment shops, eBay or Amazon. You can turn your clutter into profit with a minimum of effort.

  4. Pet sit

    If you have the space and are comfortable with animals, hosting pets in your home is an easy income source. Use a company such as DogVacay to have things like customer support and pet insurance taken care of for you.

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