How Do You Make Leather Sandals?

How Do You Make Leather Sandals?

To make your own leather sandals, remove the straps from an old pair of flip-flops. Cut out matching top soles from a piece of leather, and cut three holes where your original flip-flop holes were. Thread leather strips through the holes and glue them to the underside of the top soles. Glue the top soles to the flip flop bottoms.

  1. Break down a pair of old flip-flops

    Cut the straps off an old pair of flip-flops. If available, choose a pair with thin soles. Remove the ends of the straps from the holes in the soles.

  2. Cut top soles out of leather

    Using your flip-flop soles as a stencil, draw two matching shapes onto a piece of leather. Cut out the shapes to use as top soles for your leather sandals. Lay the top soles on your work space, and put the flip flop soles on top of them. Poke a pen through the empty strap holes, and make dark marks on the top soles.

  3. Cut the sandal straps

    Use a flexible tape measure to measure the distance between your first and second toes to the exterior of the left side of your foot where you want your sandal strap to stop. Do the same with the right side of your foot, and repeat on the other foot. Add 2 inches to each measurement. Using your measurements as a guide, cut out four straps of equal width.

  4. Assemble the sandals

    Thread your leather strips through the toe hole in the left top sole. Flip it over, and glue 1 inch of each strip to the bottom of the top sole. Flip it back over, slide the straps over your feet and poke the remaining two strips through the side holes. Pull to get the right fit, and glue the strip ends to the bottom of the top sole. Repeat the process with the right top sole. Glue the assembled top soles to the soles of your old flip flops, and allow to dry completely.