How Do You Make a Knitted Headband?


To make a knitted headband, cast the required number of stitches on the knitting needle, knit several rows until the desired length is reached using a suitable stitch pattern, and bind off. Finally, sew the ends together using a large, blunt needle.

To cast stitches on the knitting needle, begin with a slip knot, leaving around 4 inches of yarn as a tail. Cast on eight to 12 stitches depending on the desired width of the headband.

Next, knit one stitch and purl one stitch for the first row. For the second row, begin with a purl stitch, and then alternatively knit and purl. This stitch pattern is termed a seed stitch. Alternatively, only knit every stitch across all the rows. This stitch is called a garter stitch, and the pattern created is ribbed in texture. Another stitch that can be used is the stockinette stitch. For this stitch, knit one row, turn, and purl the second row. Continue in this fashion until the band reaches the desired length.

Ensure that the band wraps snugly around the head. Preferably, make it slightly tight, as the band becomes loose with use. After the last stitch is cast off, leave yarn around thrice the width of the band. Use this tail of yarn to seam the ends of the band together.