How Do You Make a Family Tree on TribalPages?


Make a family tree on TribalPages by registering, adding names for each Ancestor, Descendant and Family Chart in your family tree, and associating specific colors with specific bloodlines to make viewing the tree easier. In addition, you can personalize your TribalPages site with important surnames and family photos.

You must register an account with TribalPages before proceeding with other steps. Registration requires your name, country, email address and desired account password. Additionally, you must provide a website ID and a name for the site and check the box indicating you understand the TribalPages terms and conditions. Registration for the site is free, although users desiring to add more than 500 names or more than 50 photos may want to register for Standard, Premium or Deluxe memberships that have additional monthly fees ranging from $2 to $4.

After registering and signing in, you can create a family tree. Specify each name in your family tree, and TribalPages automatically creates Ancestor, Descendant and Family Charts for each name. Then you may customize each of these charts with the information you have. Highlight bloodlines by picking names and associating specific colors with those names. Now, each ancestor, descendant, or blood relation of that individual is highlighted by the appropriate color and the bloodline icon of the site.