How Do You Make Fake Snow?


Make fake snow by adding about 10 sheets of damp paper towel to a food processor. Turn the processor on high and continue mixing until small little pieces form. Artificial snow can also be made from sea salt or baking soda. provides three simple methods for making artificial snow. Large-grained, coarse sea salt makes a great fake snow. Sprinkle the salt anywhere you wish as it is food-safe and environmentally neutral. This is a good choice for table displays where food is present.

To make artificial snow from baking soda you need approximately 1 cup of baking soda. Add it to a medium-sized bowl andadd 1 tablespoon of water at a time to the bowl. Continue until all the water is added, stirring continually with a fork. Stop once the desired consistency forms. Combine the paper snow with the baking soda snow for a realistic and highly textured artificial snow. It looks fluffy on top due to the paper and has smaller particles of baking soda.

Each method takes less than three minutes to make and costs less than $3, as of April 2015. Although artificial snow can be purchased at a number of stores, it is often not environmentally friendly, and almost always more expensive than the homemade varieties.