How Do You Make Excel Bar Graphs?

To make a bar graph in Microsoft Excel, first open the appropriate spreadsheet, and select the data you want to represent. Ensure the data is in columns and that there are no blank cells. Also, name the column and row headers appropriately, as they become labels on the bar graph.

Go to the Insert menu, and click on Chart. Alternatively, locate the Chart Wizard button on the standard toolbar, and click on it. Once the Chart Wizard window displays, select Column under Chart Type, select the Clustered Column sub-type from the right section, and click on Next.

A preview window showing a layout of the bar graph displays. An animated black border also appears around the data you selected from the spreadsheet. Use the Data Range text box below the graph preview to confirm whether you chose the correct data range. If you made an error, go back to the spreadsheet and select again. If the data range is correct, click on Next.

Use the window that appears to format your bar graph: create the title for the graph, edit the labels of its X and Y axes if necessary, and then click Next. Finally, choose where you want to place the bar graph, and click on Finish.