How Do You Make an Elementary Yearbook?

How Do You Make an Elementary Yearbook?

To make an elementary yearbook, customize the yearbook for every class, include pictures of each child, and include the children's artwork. Involve parents in the yearbook making process to make things easier.

Customize the yearbook for a particular class or grade level. Include photos from holiday concerts, class plays and science fairs in the yearbook. This gives the children a chance to recap the year and allows parents to focus on their child’s specific experience.

Next, add portraits of each child in the class. Include their name, and a few fun facts such as their favorite school activity, what they want to be when they grow up and their favorite color. Include a class group shot in the yearbook.

Lastly, include some artwork created by the class. A solid background color ensures that the photos are clearly visible. Include photos of the children making their artwork. Be careful to include each child’s artwork, and ensure that each child has their space in the yearbook.

For elementary yearbooks, it is important to avoid superlatives such as Most Athletic and Best Dressed. These can easily hurt the children’s feelings if they are not selected. A good yearbook should display all the children equally.

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