How Do You Make Baby Hair Bows?


To make hair bows that clip into a baby's hair, you need the following materials: at least 16 inches of 3/8-inch ribbon, a double prong hair clip, a small piece of rubber shelf liner and a small piece of felt. You also need scissors, a hot glue gun and a lighter.

  1. Prepare the clip

    Use the lighter to heat seal the raw end of the ribbon. Then, hot glue the ribbon onto the hair clip. Glue about 1/2 inch of ribbon to the bottom of the clip, then add hot glue to the next few inches and fold the ribbon over the hinge of the clip, along the top prongs, over the end and back up the inside of the top prongs. The top prongs should be completely hidden by the ribbon.

  2. Make the bow

    Cut three 4-inch pieces of the ribbon. Use the lighter to heat seal the ends of two of the pieces, and tie a single knot in the center of the other piece. Bend each of the sealed pieces into a circle. Overlap the ends slightly, and hot glue them together. Then, pinch the center of the circle and secure it with a dot of glue. Cross the pieces into a bow shape, and secure them together with glue. Then, take the knotted ribbon and put the knot at the center of the crossed bow pieces. Secure it here with glue. Turn the bow over, cut off the long ends of the knotted piece, and secure them to the back of the bow with glue.

  3. Make the grip

    To make a grip for the inside of the bow, cut pieces of felt and shelf liner in the size of the hair clip prongs. Carefully hot glue these pieces together and trim off any excess. Hot glue the felt side to the ribbon on the inside of the top prong of the hair clip.

  4. Finish the bow

    Finally, glue the bow to the top of the hair clip. Once the glue is dry, the clip is ready to use.