What Majors Does Bridgewater State University Offer?

Bridgewater State University offers a wide array of majors, including accounting and finance, anthropology, arts programs such as photography and graphic design, athletic training, and African or Asian studies. Additional majors are available for the sciences, including biology, chemistry, geology and physics. Majors in theater arts and music are also available. Many of the majors, such as communication studies, criminal justice, economics, management and psychology, are available in the evening program at the university, as of 2015.

Bridgewater State University has numerous colleges and departments to offer a wide range of degree options. These include the Bartlett College of Science and Mathematics, which offers various fields of scientific study and the College of Education and Allied Studies, which includes study in counselor education, elementary and early childhood education, special education, and communication disorders. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences includes study in topics such as art, foreign language, social work and sociology and the Ricciardi College of Business includes aviation science and management courses. The College of Graduate Studies offers more than 60 graduate degrees and licensure programs, as of 2015.

A large number of minors, such as actuarial science, Canadian studies, computer science, exercise physiology and musical theater performance, are also available.