What Are Some Major Exits Off Interstate 85?

Some major exits off Interstate 85 are southbound exit one, which serves the Alabama state capitol, and exit 171, which splits traffic to travel north to Atlanta. In addition, major exits off Interstate 85 serve large cities and landmarks in North Carolina such as exit 42, which serves Greenville, North Carolina, exit 57 northbound, which serves the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport and exits 19 through 34, which bear heavy traffic.

Exit one traveling southbound serves the Alabama State University and the Alabama state capitol. The exit also serves Perry street. Exit one is only slightly more than a mile from Interstate 65 with an interchange allowing full access to Interstate 65. Similarly, exit 171 is an important exit off Interstate 85 because the exit splits traffic into Interstates 65 and 85. At this exit, Interstate 85 carries travelers north towards Atlanta, while Interstate 65 splits off to Prattville.

Exit 42 traveling northbound on Interstate 85 connects to the North Carolina city of Greenville. The location also connects with Interstate 185 traveling northbound and a toll road that travels to Columbia, South Carolina. Near exit 57 serving the GSP airport, northbound exit 69 serves as a bypass to the city of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Exits 72, 75 and 77 also serve the Spartanburg area. Exits 14 and 19B on interstate 85 serve the Clemson area with a rest area located in between the two exits near mile marker 17.

Exits 19 through 34 are also significant exits on Interstate 85 because the stretch of road is highly traveled, as of 2015. The stretch of road attracts so much traffic each day that officials widened the road to six lanes in 2003. Officials also raised various overpasses in the area to accommodate the large amount of truck traffic that travels between the two exits.