How Long Does It Usually Take to Sell a House?


Though the exact time may vary depending on a variety of factors, the average time to sell a home from creating the listing to closing the deal is approximately three months, according to data from as of 2015. Homes in areas with a higher demand for property and fewer listings typically sell in a shorter period of time, whereas houses in areas with low demand may take longer.

One of the biggest factors in determining the length of time to sell a home is the property demand of the area in which it exists. Major urban cities with a high demand for homes often feature shorter sale times because there are more people looking to purchase property and fewer listings available. These cities typically have a more competitive and active job market, which consistently brings new people into the city and increases the amount of home buyers. Comparatively, it may take longer to sell homes in cities with slower job markets or more available land because of the lack of demand.

Other factors that contribute to sale time include the condition of the home and its pricing, as a home in disrepair frequently takes longer to sell even in strong markets. Many buyers do not wish to purchase homes that require significant additional investments for completing repairs. A home that is selling for a price unreasonably above the average cost of homes in the surrounding area may also take longer because buyers aren't willing to spend the additional money.

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