How Do You Find the Locations of Bank ATMs?


As of 2015, bank customers can find locations of bank ATMs by using an ATM locator that is provided by either a bank or their debit card provider. These tools typically require the customer to input their address or ZIP code, which is then used as a search variable.

Bank of America and U.S. Bank are two banks that provide an ATM and branch location search tool on their respective websites. The Bank of America search tool provides the basic search box but also allows customers to specify what kind of ATM service they are looking for, such as drive-ups, inside lobby locations, ATMs able to accept deposits, teller assist functions or ATMs that are open for 24 hours. The U.S. Bank site uses a similar search tool that is also available in a mobile version.

Alternatively, both Visa and MasterCard provide the locations of any ATM that accepts debit cards issued by them. The Visa ATM search tool uses a keyword as a search variable and visually displays its search results on a map. The MasterCard ATM search tool is similar to a standard bank search tool and allows its users to specify the distance of the ATM from the address or ZIP code that was used to search.

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