How Do You Find the Location of Nearby Cellular Towers?

Online resources such as Cell Reception and AntennaSearch can help cellphone owners find the location of their carrier's nearby cellular towers. These online resources have databases of towers in the United States. By knowing the specific tower location in an area for a carrier, cellphone owners can also know the direction of the signal for better phone reception.

At the Cell Reception website, users of the site can enter their city and state and in the search field and then click on the "Go" tab. This returns a result page with a Google map with tower locations plotted on the map. A good feature provided by this site is the ability to filter locations according to specific carrier towers, such as T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. This function is very useful because the search result page with the map contains information for all types of towers in an area. Although the map can show many tower locations that are registered with the Federal Communications Commission, those antenna or tower locations not registered with this government agency may not appear on this map, as noted by Cell Reception.

The AntennaSearch site is also useful because it has a database of all different types of antennas or towers located in the United States. The information found in this database is for antennas and towers utilized for radio, television, cellular and commercial applications, as noted by the website. To find towers in an area, users enter the street address, city, state and ZIP code in the search box to generate a report and Google map with all existing and future tower and antenna locations that are within a three-mile radius of the address. However, there is no filter to search only for cellular towers.