How Do You Locate a Soldier on Active Duty?

To find an active Navy, Marine Corps or Air Force military personnel in the United States, call or write the military personnel locator, or if you know where the military personnel is stationed, call the base locator and ask for the base operator for that military base. It is not possible to find Army or Coast Guard personnel using a locator, unless you are part of the Armed Services.

To find an a member of the Army stationed worldwide, send a request to the U.S. Army Enlisted Records & Evaluation Center, which handles requests on a case-by-case basis. To request the location of a member of the Air Force stationed worldwide, send a written request to the Air Force Personnel Headquarters located in Texas. The written request must contain the full name, rank, Social Security number, date of birth and any known assignment information of the Air Force member. The request must also contain your name, phone number and address, and a check or money order to cover the fee for the request.

To locate a member of the Navy stationed worldwide, call or write the Navy worldwide locator service. Include in your request the name, rank, Social Security and service number of the Navy personnel. There is a fee for requesting the information.

In the event you need to reach an active member of the military in an emergency, contact your local Red Cross, which can pass the message along to the individual.