What Is a List of Keyblades?

A list of Keyblades contains the weapons that the main character, Sora, uses during battle throughout the Square Enix video-game series Kingdom Hearts. This was first released in 2002.

Keyblades are mystical weapons that are used throughout the Kingdom Hearts series by several important characters. The main character, Sora, is seen using the weapon the most throughout the game. It is considered the most important object in the battle between darkness and light. Most of the Keyblades have the same physical features, which are modeled after a key: a guard with handle attached, hilt and a head at the end that resembles the teeth of a skeleton key. Most of the Keyblades have a theme that can be based off the world they are created in or a person that Sora and his friends encounter in the game. Certain Keyblade wielders can use two Keyblades at the same time through the Synch Blade ability. The use of magic can also be used through the Keyblades and adapted through specific abilities. The origins of the Keyblades is unknown. One legend that has been discussed in the game is that the Keyblade master, who is also a mystery, saved the world. Another legend states that he brought destruction.