What Are Some Linux Tips for Beginners?

Some tips for beginners using the Linux operating system are to study the different distributions that are available, learn to use the terminal, learn to understand root access, learn the file system and pick a graphical interface that suits you. The most user-friendly distributions of Linux for beginners are Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Linux Deepin.

One of the largest hurdles for beginning Linux users is the installation of new software applications. Software manager applications, such as Synaptic and the Ubuntu Software Center, make finding and installing new applications easier for the beginning Linux user than learning the terminal commands to install software. The base repositories in the most popular software managers have thousands of applications available from more than 10 different categories. Repositories are hosted collections of software ranging from system tools and plug-ins to games and photo editing software. More software is available by adding new repositories to the software manager.

The graphical user interface that is selected has a large impact on how beginners perceive a Linux system. The most common user interfaces include GNOME, KDE, LXDE and XFCE. Each brings a different look and feel to the desktop environment, making the Linux system feel as intuitive as less technically involved operating systems, such as Windows and Mac OS X.