How Do You Light a Propane Gas Stove?

To light a propane gas stove, open the valve to allow gas flow to the unit. Push the burner valve and turn it as a flame from a match or lighter is held near the burner. Use the burner valve to adjust the flame as per requirement.

As a safety precaution before lighting the propane stove, smell around for gas. If there is an odor of propane, keep the valve closed till the smell disappears. If there is no smell, open the valve of the stove. This will allow propane gas to flow to the unit.

Next, hold a flame from a match or lighter near the burner or the pilot. If the stove has an ignition button, push it. Open the burner valve slowly. When the gas comes in contact with the flame, the stove or the pilot will light up. Finally, using the burner valve adjust the flame as needed.

When lighting a pilot, use only hands and not tools to push and turn the gas control knob. If the knob does not turn by hand, call the professional repair service personnel. Also, do not try to light the propane stove or pilot if any of its parts have been under water. This may result in explosion and fire.