What Are the Least Expensive Tablets With 3G?


The Dragon Touch E70 7-inch 3G tablet PC is a highly rated, 3G-capable tablet available for $75, as of 2015. The Tagital 7-inch 3G tablet is an even cheaper option, costing $55.

The Dragon Touch E70 tablet is a low-cost option for those shopping for 3G-capable tablets. The device has positive reviews on Amazon.com, with many people praising the affordability and the tablet's capability to make calls and send SMS messages. Tagital also makes a low-cost 3G-phablet that is highly reviewed on Amazon.com. The Amar 7-inch 3G Tablet and the Aoson Android4.4 Cortex-A7 3G tablet are also inexpensive 3G tablets.

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