What Are Some of the Least Expensive Places to Retire?

In 2015, the top five cheapest places to retire cited by Kiplinger were Grand Junction, Colorado; Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Prescott, Arizona; Decatur, Alabama; and Vero Beach, Florida. In a 2015 list by Forbes, which emphasized good retirement value, the top five place to retire were Abilene, Texas; Asheville, North Carolina; Athens, Georgia; Blacksburg, Virginia; and Boise, Idaho. Topping the 2015 Money magazine list of the best places to retire was St. George, Utah, followed by Richland, Washington, and Vail, Arizona.

Bankrate.com, a finance publisher, compiled its own list in 2015, which ranked Phoenix, Arizona, as the top retirement destination. In an interview with The Huffington Post, a Bankrate.com analyst explained that it was not just affordability that determined their rankings, but weather, crime rate, standard of health care and walkability, as well as other factors that would impact a senior's overall quality of life.

U.S. News & World Report has published several different lists in 2015 of best places to retire, based not only on different budget levels, but on other criteria such as the sunniest places and the best places for single seniors.

Bankrate.com's five worst places for retirement in 2015 were New York City, New York; Little Rock, Arkansas; New Haven, Connecticut; Buffalo, New York; and Newark, New Jersey.