What Are Some of the Leading Security Companies?


Some of the leading corporate security companies are G4S, U.S. Security Associates and Aegis. Some top home security companies as of 2015 are Frontpoint, LifeShield Security, Protect America, Monitronics Home Alarms and SecureYourHome. Other top home security companies include Link Interactive, ADT Security Systems, Vivint, Safe Home Security, Inc., and Protect Your Home. SafeNet is also a leader in data security.

G4S is the leading global integrated security company that offers corporate protection and training, security software integration, security personnel, disaster and emergency aid, and safety programs. U.S. Security Associates operates in 120 countries with 160 of its offices located in the United States. It provides security personnel in the fields of law enforcement and military, as well as for corporate entities. Aegis is a security and risk management company based in over 60 countries. It offers complete security advice in corporate operations, commercial risk operations, foreign investment, counter terrorism and government protection.

Top home security companies feature high-tech systems, quick response and unique security packages not offered by competitors. Some have alarms with sensors that can detect broken locks and glass, unexpected motion, and the opening of doors and windows. More unique features include smoke and carbon monoxide detection, environmental monitoring and home automation. These companies coordinate closely with police, firefighters and medical service providers to provide help in case of a break-in or other emergencies. SafeNet ensures that transaction records, health records and intellectual property are safeguarded and that people comply with the terms and conditions associated with online operations.

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