Which Is Larger, Airbus or Boeing?

Airbus is bigger than Boeing. The Airbus A380, which is Airbus' biggest aircraft model, is larger than Boeing's biggest aircraft model, the 747-8 International.

The Airbus A380, which is the world's biggest passenger jet, can carry up to 853 passengers per flight. On the other hand, the Boeing 747-8 International or 747-8I can carry up to 467 passengers. While an A380's wingspan is 261.7 feet, a 747-8I's wingspan is 224.6 feet. But, when it comes to length, a 747-8I wins with a length of 250 feet, beating the A380 by 12 feet. As the longest passenger jet in the world, the 747-8I is dubbed the "Queen of the Skies." On the other hand, the A380 is nicknamed "Superjumbo." Though more costly than the 747-8I, the A380 is the better deal when it comes to price-per-seat capacity.