What Kinds of Tires Get Good Mileage?

Tires that get good mileage include tires with low rolling resistance to improve vehicle fuel efficiency, and all-season tires, which have long tread life. As of 2013, Michelin Energy Saver A/S and Cooper GFE, two T-speed rated tires, are all-season tires that Consumer Reports rates high for low rolling resistance and good overall performance. Michelin X-Ice Xi3 rates high as a low rolling-resistance winter tire. Drivers who keep their vehicle tires inflated properly achieve superior performance and fuel efficiency.

Low rolling-resistance tires save about 2 miles per gallon and may reduce braking efficiency. Consumers looking for new tires should seek tires with good performance in handling, braking and resistance to hydroplaning. After determining which tires offer those qualities, buyers may consider rolling resistance to make their final decisions.

Most drivers select all-season tires, and vehicle manufacturers usually install them as standard equipment on minivans and cars. The tires, which carry S- and T-speed ratings, offer long tread life, stable handling and a quiet comfortable ride on wet or dry roads and moderate snow.

H-speed-rated performance all-season tires that rate well in low rolling resistance and overall performance include Primacy MXV4 by Michelin, SP Sport 7000 A/S by Dunlop and Bridgestone's Ecopia EP422, which is also a V-speed-rated tire.