What Kinds of Online Courses Does Troy University Offer?

Troy University offers a variety of online courses ranging from an online dual enrollment option for high school students to four-year majors in English, finance, psychology, sociology, and criminal justice. Troy University also offers two-year associate degrees online in fields such as history, applied behavior analysis, recreation and social science.

Troy University offers online graduate programs in disciplines such as elementary education, gifted education, public administration, sport and fitness management, and human resource management.

Troy University's online environment, called eTroy, gives prospective students the tools they need for online learning. ETroy has orientation courses for the students to watch and provides the students with a self-assessment test to help students determine if they are the right fit for online learning. This test makes sure prospective online students are comfortable with using technology such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, as well as using Blackboard to participate in discussion boards, take online quizzes and communicate with the instructor and other students. All assessments for eTroy students are also done online.

Troy University also offers eTroy scholarships, such as the Transfer Merit and Transfer Achievement Scholarships for undergraduates. The Troy Corporate Achiever Scholarship and the Troy Horizon Scholarship are both available to undergraduates and graduates.