How Do You Find Kijiji Jobs in Calgary?


To find Kijiji jobs in Calgary, visit to access a paginated list of uncategorized jobs. At the top of the interface are sponsored jobs. Below those are authentic job listings that are sorted by date, with newest ads first.

In the left sidebar of the interface are filtering options. Filter by job category (such as general labor, child care and hospitality) or job type (such as full-time, part-time, temporary and contract).

Additional filtering options in the sidebar include viewing only ads with video or images, viewing urgent ads or viewing veteran-friendly ads. A variety of filtering combinations are possible, depending on your preferences. Also in the sidebar is a handy tool to filter jobs by their proximity to Calgary. Slide the tool to the left to find jobs closest to Calgary’s downtown core; slide to the right to find jobs within a maximum 190-kilometer radius from the city.

At the bottom of the left sidebar is a useful feature that allows users to receive daily email notifications for their selected job categories. To access this feature, select your preferred filtering settings, and then click Sign Up. A pop-up appears. Enter your email address twice, and click Sign Up.

Kijiji is Canada’s most popular free classifieds site and one of the top Canadian sites in general, ranked by Alexa as the 11th most-visited site in the country.

The site was launched in Montreal in February 2005 and serves more than 100 cities in Canada as of 2015. The largest markets served are Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. Kijiji claims that 40 percent of Canadians use the site on a monthly basis, which generates over 11 million unique visitors every month.

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